About: There Is Only God

There Is Only God is a website aimed at promoting a deeper understanding of the essential non-dual nature of Reality.

It is also the name of a weekly public meeting and discussion group held in the heart of Rochester, New York, USA.

The Rochester group meets each Saturday from 10:00am until about noon at Christ Church Unity, 55 Prince St., Rochester, NY 14607.

The normal format involves watching video recordings of well known non-duality teachers followed by an open and engaging discussion period.

Coffee and snack items are freely available, and a love offering is requested to assist with food expenses.

This website and the weekly non-duality group is hosted by myself, Les Collins.

When you are able, I hope you will come and partake in the joy and enthusiasm of this unique gathering!


9 Responses to About: There Is Only God

  1. Loretta Callahan says:

    Wow! Great!! I will be there.

  2. Manish says:

    I enjoyed reading the article Les. You may consider linking your blog website to the description of the TIOG group in the Unity Church website.

  3. Joanie & PJ Trahan says:

    My husband & I have been going to this group for several years now. We wouldn’t miss it for anything. Have we grown spiritually? YES! We all have. Les charts the WAY finds the best “pointers” & off we go. Come, you’ll be glad you did.

  4. Karen Nelson says:

    Les, I enjoyed visiting the group but need to go back to my standing Sat. am appointment worse! Thanks for hosting this lively group. Karen N.

  5. Sean says:

    Is this group still meeting?

    • Les Collins says:

      Hi Sean,
      Yes, this group (There Is Only God) continues to meet on most Saturday mornings at 10:00 am at Unity Church of Greater Rochester [55 Prince Street]. New visitors are welcome any time to partake in the hospitality, informative videos, and unique lively discussions about non-duality. [Please note that we will not be meeting this Saturday Oct.25th due to a memorial celebration on that day. Therefore, our next meeting will happen on Sat. Nov. 1st, 2014. Attendence normally averages about 8 to 10 people.]
      It would be a pleasure to have you visit whenever you like and join in this very unique and special celebration of life and oneness.
      Thanks for your interest!!
      Best Wishes,
      Les Collins

  6. Awesome. Id like to come and check it out. Ill put it on my calendar and see how it feels come Saturday.

  7. Sharma SRKC Yamijala says:

    Hi, May I know whether these discussions are going on?

  8. Les Collins says:

    Yes, they are still happening at Unity Church of Greater Rochester, on most Saturday mornings. Thank you for your interest! It is a small group at this point, averaging about 6-9 people in all.
    If you wish to check it out, plan on arriving between 10:00-10:30 am, during which time we are setting up for the meeting itself. We normally offer video or audio talks by well-known nondual presenters followed by stimulating group comments and discussion. These meetings have been ongoing for more than a dozen years, but are always open and welcome to newcomers!
    Peace, Love and Blessings, Les Collins
    [PS- You might find my tweets interesting as well: Les Collins @LesCollins1]

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