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Lifelong student of world spirituality, the perennial philosophy, and eastern religions. Facilitator of "There Is Only God" weekly non-duality discussion group which meets in Rochester, New York, USA. For more info on meetings, click on ABOUT section.

A Whole New You

A question I often hear in our weekly group boils down to this: “What’s in it for Me?”    Nondual teachings can sound very interesting and intriguing from a metaphysical point of view, but in the end people want to … Continue reading

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The Real Illusion

Advaita-speak, particularly from its Eastern roots, is full of references to the World being an illusion, or a dream.  Naturally this does not seem to make a great deal of sense to Western ears and minds, being themselves products of a … Continue reading

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Moving Mountains

Recently, I heard an amazing Zen story for the first time.  I think it was related by author and teacher Rupert Spira.  The story goes:  There was a Zen monk living in a monastery who had read in the Bible … Continue reading

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